Contact Lenses

Here at EyeCare Associates Optometric Group we carry one of the largest selection of contact lens fitting sets for soft contact lenses, toric contact lenses, color contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses. Our doctors fit the best contact lenses including CooperVision, Alcon, and ACUVUE. We have lenses for nearly every kind of contact for everye eye, lifestyle and budget, including leading brands such as Dailies Plus, Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity Toric, Biofinity, and Biofinity Multifocal.

We offer Contact Lens examinations and evaluations for both soft and hard contact lenses. Services we offer include:

  • New Fitting for first time contact lens wearers
  • Refitting for patients interested in trying a different brand or type of contact lens
  • Contact Lens Evaluations for patients interested in keeping the same brand or type of contact lenses but need an update of the prescription
  • Custom designed contact lenses for patients with an astigmatism or interested in multifocal contact lenses

EyeCare Associates Optometric Group offers many wearing modality of Contact Lenses for your convenience.

  • 1-Day Disposable
  • 2-Week Disposable
  • 1 Month Disposable
  • Mulitfocal Correction
  • Keratoconus Correction
  • Astigmatism Correction
  • Rigid Gas Permeable
  • Extended Wear

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contact lenses

Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do routine eye examinations include a contact lens fitting/prescription?
No. A routine eye examination provides the patients with an eye glass prescription, and the doctor checks the overall health of your eyes.

What is involved in a contact lens fitting?
Based on several factors, the doctor will determine a diagnostic contact lens to dispense to the patient for a trial period. A trial period with the new contact lens will help the patient to decide if he/she likes the comfort/vision and wearing schedule of the contact lens. At a follow-up appointment, the doctor will check the vision to determine if the power can be changed to improve the quality or clarity of vision. The doctor will also determine if the fit of the contact lens is appropriate with regard to the health of the eyes. If the fit, vision, and comfort of the lens is acceptable, a final prescription is then determined.

How much does a contact lens fitting cost?
Depending on the type of contact lenses you wear, the cost for the contact lens fitting will range from $85 to $200

Will my insurance cover my contact lens fitting?
This depends on your specific insurance plan. Most insurance plans cover a routine eye exam which determines your glasses prescription and evaluates your eye health. Contact lens services are separate procedures that sometime are not covered by insurance.

How long is a contact lens prescription valid?
One year, unless determined by the doctor that the patient needs to return sooner, based on any eye health concerns.

The contact lens fitting covers:

  • Unlimited contact lens follow-up care
  • Unlimited emergency doctor visits pertaining to contact lenses
  • Replacement of prematurely torn contact lenses
  • Defective contact lens replacement
  • Contact lens care kits

The benefits of Ordering a Year Supply of Contact Lenses from EyeCare Associates Optometric Group.

  • Rebates directly from the manufacturer
  • Free Shipping to your home/work
  • Convenience
  • Replacement of defective or torn contact lenses
  • Exchanges on unopened contact lens boxes, if contact lens prescription changes
  • Sample kits of Opti-Free Pure Moist™
  • Unlimited visits with Dr. Morris or Dr. Bun pertaining to your Contact Lenses
  • 20% off discount for prescription glasses or sunglasses

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