Emergency Eye Care

Our Optometrists are licensed to use diagnostic pharmaceuticals and prescribe therapeutic drugs for the treatment of most eye diseases and conditions. We are fully equipped to provide emergency eye care.

Emergencies During Office Hours

During normal office hours, please call (626) 919-4821. Call us for a same-day appointment or walk-in to receive the necessary medical attention you need. Every case is considered carefully and thoroughly. Please be aware that symptoms of sudden flashes, floaters, loss of vision, or sudden double vision may need some special attention or medical attention.

Eye Health Symptoms to Watch For:

  • Eye pain and soreness
  • Red, pink eye
  • Eye swollen/closed shut
  • Foreign body or particles in eye
  • Bloodshot eye or a small pool of blood on corner of eye
  • Mucous discharge, crustiness
  • Drippy eye
  • Extreme eye itchiness
  • Black eye
  • Reduced vision (blur)

After Hours Emergencies

Our doctors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After hours, call (626) 919-4821 for urgent eye issues only.

Insurance Information:

We can bill your PPO insurance for your emergency eyecare treatment.

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